21M, my mom insists on getting a tracking app and I'm conflicted about it

2021.09.25 14:36 Matalya1 21M, my mom insists on getting a tracking app and I'm conflicted about it

Hi! So yeah, my mom's… not special, she just sounds like most mothers xd And here we are. Today I'm travelling to a very far away part of my home city for the first time, and she asked (And almost begged) me to get this tracking app. At first I said no, since I just don't feel comfortable being tracked, but she seemed genuinely afflicted that she wouldn't know where I was at all times. She doesn't usually show this behaviour but today it happened, and I ended giving it up to give her peace of mind. But then I was left thinking… what is going on?
I'm not sure what to think of it. I know that it's normal in mothers, that's not what I'm asking, it's just that, I don't know, she seems really overworried about me. Is she exaggerating completely and should chill? Or am I too little forgiving? Again, I know it happens with every mother, I'm not asking that question, I just want to know how far is one expected to be worried before it gets unreasonable and unfounded, if not baseless.
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2021.09.25 14:36 magnusvanansauf My cat watches soccer

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2021.09.25 14:36 Robot_CR question for my hardcore world

Hello! i have a question for all you baby zombies, how do i recreate the end ocean monument's floor??
i wanna recreate it in my hardocre world with different colors
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2021.09.25 14:36 Thomas_Forthewin Watch your language! Don't you call your mother a _______

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2021.09.25 14:36 morkaniso mOOn, Freiburg, Germany, 25.09.21 8:47 [Nikon Coolpix P900] 357 mm -> equiv. 135 2000mm

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2021.09.25 14:36 TopBunkT 15M i need people to chill with.

I play Apex,Minecraft,Borderlands Handsome collection if you have any of these let me know my psn is Top_Bunk_T
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2021.09.25 14:36 Everywinter5156 Question about Panther Statue

Is it possible at all to get the statue if I keep doing the set up over again? I don't want to waste my time with a 2nd character if that's not possible. Thanks.
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2021.09.25 14:36 rogues69 Playing hide and seek👀

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2021.09.25 14:36 UnironicThatcherite Orders

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2021.09.25 14:36 slimrangr WHOS THIS??

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2021.09.25 14:36 NotAlxx Drop the premiere, video is out tomorrow, let me know what you think! ❤🤩

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2021.09.25 14:36 Pryte Need a background for one of my players (noble dragonborn fighter) which interconnects to the Storm Kings Thunder Storyline.

So we started dnd as 5 beginners who never played before. I did the dm and ran LMoP. Because of our inexperience we didn't do proper session zeroes or created backstories. Now i want to transit the game to SKT. Planning to focus heavily on act 3 with lot of different 1-2 session adventures from different sources, which i bend to fit the story.
3 out of 4 players created back stories by now, often with strong support by me, because I'm the most "invested". All backstories are strongly connected to the main story (like Imryth killed the family or stuff like this) or create leads the players could follow, which lead to hopefully interesting storylines.
There is just one player left. She is the most uninterested in investing time in the game outside our session and here backstory till now is just that she is a noble, who left her home to prove herself. No problem, not every character needs a dramatic history. She doesn't need more and she said i can just decide about her home and the specifics of her family. Still i would love to give her exposure in Act 3. A place we could go and experience an adventure. Even better if it is connected to the SKT main story. One idea i have is doing something with Yartar and use it in "Krakens Gamble" (no one has yet any connection to the kraken society and i would love more lovecraftion tentacle content). Or I just make her a waterdeep noble and the players experience some political intrigue style of adventure when the visit her home. But i don't feel secure enough in my own skills to create a complex story myself, so i would need a premade storyline i could use or fit for my needs.
So yeah, anybody got an idea, what her background could be? And an adventure it could lead to? Maybe something i could base of some official or dmsguild content?
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2021.09.25 14:36 filochick05 Hello from Lincoln and Romeo! 🐈 🐈‍⬛

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2021.09.25 14:36 Garpaleke ❗️В РПЦ призвали новый созыв Госдумы задуматься над законодательным запретом продажи гражданским лицам огнестрельного оружия

Об этом заявил председатель Отдела внешних церковных связей (ОВЦС) Московского патриархата митрополит Волоколамский Иларион.
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2021.09.25 14:36 Holmeister Small UI and QoL suggestions

There are much larger changes that would improve the game by a far larger margin than these, but still, I think these smaller annoyances sometimes get forgotten:

Please please pretty please let us turn off the 'camera zoom on crit attack' behaviour. It sometimes makes me genuinely dizzy.
When a player hits the champion roster button from the Faction Wars window, the roster should be in 'arrange by faction' sorting, and the top champion of that faction should already be selected.
I think the colour of the champion select highlight should not be green. Some champion portraits have borders in that same shade - the uncommons - and I can't count the number of times I have scrolled past the champion I had selected because the green highlight blended in with some uncommon portrait borders. My suggestion would be yellow for the highlight, but hey, anything that stands out would be fine.
Allow us to swap the champion stat view from current (base + bonuses) to final stats, without having to bring up that stat screen that doesn't even default what we want to see. At the very least, make that window default to the page of numbers rather than the glossary of terms!
When changing to a new screen, the last line of clan chat is refreshed as if that comment had just been made. Stop that! It's a tiny annoyance, yet it gets irritating to constantly look at the text line only to see that it is the same as before.
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2021.09.25 14:36 In_der_Tat France Slams EU’s Single Electricity Market as ‘Aberration’

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2021.09.25 14:36 KordomeReddit WOOO I DID IT

I spent upwards of three hours last night shaving my legs, chest, and arms and they’re SO smooth :) I also bought a dress and more makeup the day before!
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2021.09.25 14:36 terry_hates_yogurt Rclone

Firstly, this work is great. Easy to manage and good looking UI. I can get my local media to be synced. But is there is any way to use gdrive using rclone mount. All I'm getting is error and permission denied. I'm trying with ND docker. Thanks.
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2021.09.25 14:36 ExistentialSatire New default look

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2021.09.25 14:36 rovermalaya Lacson: Pharmally Bagged 26.39% Of P42B Contracts With PS-DBM

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2021.09.25 14:36 LeftedFlow No comments, only facts.

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2021.09.25 14:36 yamaya--938 රෙශමා තමා හොදටම කරේ

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2021.09.25 14:36 dataentrytard Enter to win a Cuisinart Triple Forged White 15-Piece Knife Block Set from 12 Tomatoes (10/07/2021) {US}

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2021.09.25 14:36 dongamk How do you automate marketing strategies for Brands?

Well, after a certain period of time, we are left with nothing. I mean we are running out of ideas for marketing brands for user growth. We can absolutely follow fellow brands and competitors to get some ideas but for how long? We can't follow every brand on this planet, right? So, how do you automate them?
Well, how about leveraging AI for suggesting strategies for brands? Is anyone doing/providing the same? Well, the Singapore-based marketing technology firm is utilizing blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to revolutionize digital marketing. By employing advanced technology, it assists cutting-edge businesses in not only predicting the most efficient digital marketing approach, but also in navigating the marketing landscape.
More: https://ojamu.com/
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2021.09.25 14:36 overthinkingguy Spot on from Dylan Jack I thought

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