Bach: Cantata 114, 'Ach, lieben Christen, seid getrost' BWV 114 performed by the Bachstiftung

2021.09.25 14:10 uncommoncommoner Bach: Cantata 114, 'Ach, lieben Christen, seid getrost' BWV 114 performed by the Bachstiftung

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2021.09.25 14:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Utes kicker Jadon Redding disappointed in how he’s started the season | Salt Lake Tribune

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2021.09.25 14:10 nouvolo Aquanaut Extreme - Ultra Low Profile CPU Block & Pump Mount Combo

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2021.09.25 14:10 thigh_lover_ I present Lhorke, First Legion Master of the Warhounds, ready to beat up Lorgar

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2021.09.25 14:10 johnnyhitch1 Can someone help me identify these peppers?

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2021.09.25 14:10 tanyelina Covid disaster payment

Hey guys, wondering if anyone could help me, I submitted a claim however the hours I lost were 5 hours in total for the period I'm claiming for but it says this on the covid disaster payment page 'A full day of your usual work is what you were scheduled to work but could not because of a restricted movement order. This includes not being able to attend a full time, part time or casual shift of less than 8 hours.' What are the chances of my claim being accepted? Or does it need to be 8 hours minimum...
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2021.09.25 14:10 ChestyLarue42 "Another local peasant has been found dead, drained of his blood with two teeth marks on his throat. This black cape was found at the scene. Police are baffled.

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2021.09.25 14:10 Crow-Slow

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2021.09.25 14:10 behold_the_void Soars - The Heist (Kristian Karlsson from Cult of luna and pg.lost solo project, new single)

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2021.09.25 14:10 TheWarIsOurs_ Old game I cannot remember the name

Very old game from ps1 I imagine. I'm pretty sure it was on a demo with a few other games you woulda got from a random magazine.
Top down playing a fella digging through a grid of squares of dirt and then you have to place bombs and blow rocks up to get at keys and kill enemies to make it to the next room or portal or whatever it was.

Not an amazing description but anyone got any ideas?
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2021.09.25 14:10 iflysolo76 Caught the first sunrise with the 13 Pro!

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2021.09.25 14:10 GreenRole7209 Available scholarships

Greetings, first time here. I run a website and constantly search for scholarship opportunities. Can I get to drop scholarship opportunities here?
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2021.09.25 14:10 omenaattori24 Hole trough front tooth, how can it be fixed?

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2021.09.25 14:10 Loveisland1987 Did Justine delete her Instagram?

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2021.09.25 14:10 Wise-Safe8654 WE ARE GIVING SCHOLARSHIPS!!!

We are givings AXIE SCHOLARSHIPS! No experience?
Join our discord here and post your resume at #resume to qualify for interview!!
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2021.09.25 14:10 barefootboy123 My size 11 feet 👣👣

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2021.09.25 14:10 NewMeNewWorld India Will Export 8 Million Vaccine Doses Under Quad Partnership

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2021.09.25 14:10 Icy-Fact2567 Insurance and mandatory quarantine?

I'm going to Thailand for a year so the covid coverage is going to be pretty expensive. I've heard AXA are pretty good (and one of the cheaper options seemingly) and I have already checked that they cover asymptomatic hospitalisations. However, I'm entering via the Phuket sandbox scheme and have heard that if you're sat near someone who tests positive on the plane, or if another member of your party tests positive, you can still be subject to hospitalisation/quarantine even if you test negative. Does anyone know if AXA, or any other insurance providers, cover the cost of quarantine if you test negative?
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2021.09.25 14:10 heinaga1989 ⭐️FlokiLoki| Fair Launch soon 🚀 | 💹 locked liquidity pool 💹 24/7 marketing 💹 experienced solidity developers 💹 bsc verified contract 💹 VC open and unmuted & contract fully public

‼️FLOKILOKI- Stealth Launch 100 Members


This cute Floki is designed to be never dumped, with 0% tax buys and sell

🚀Stealth Launch
✅Verified Contract
❌ No Presale
✅ 100% SAFU
❌No Dev Wallet
🔥 Based Dev
❤️ Low Mc Gem ❤️

🚀Massive marketing Plan

-TWITTER INFLUNCER (cryptomessiah)


X100 coming

BSC Token

Floki loki
Welcome everyone, this is a meme coin of the moment, Elon Musk's dog, he is not a simple dog but the king of dogs, his name is Floki Loki
This coin is for the community. None of the devs have any wallets, liquidity is locked for life immediately out of respect for everyone. Full transparency for the community, with the owner!
We hope you like this coin and that you all come to greet us and support this community project
If the token goes viral we take care of creating a website and pledging to do charity at our expense.
We are aware that these tokens are and can be the strength that comes from all of us. As a community we can be one happy family and build the token of the year, with the help of all of you!

Telegram Group Creation
Contract Creation
Telegram / Community Growth
Stealth Launch And Liquidity Locked
Voice Chat

Community Giveaways
Influencer Promotions
Marketing Domination
CoinMarketCap + CoinGecko Listing
$5,000,000 Market Cap
Trust Wallet and BscScan Logo Update

Celebrity Influencer
More Promotion
More Giveaways
NYC Billboards
Mobile App Development
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2021.09.25 14:10 banginpadr Hacking LG WebOS Smart TVs Using A Phone

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2021.09.25 14:10 Certain-Garbage3304 Masha new skin?

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Our players: We're a team with good young players and a lot of potential. International team and with past experience in intermediate , at the moment we are 4 , we just look to find igl who will fit us perfectly in upcoming week or two and we are ready to reach main next season , this one (s38, we fell of shortly in playoffs)
We are dedicated and active players , practicing 5-6times per week + officials and some tournaments online or on lan if we qualify for them. We also represent organisation properly in nice manners.
We have a good solid schedule and dont require much. We will stay together for at least the next two ESEA seasons and hopefully longer.
What we expect from org: ESEA fees covered, tournament fees (phoenix league or something similar) covered, account for IGL and the team to share, server to practice on , good support and all the essentials, we dont really require much else.
Add me on steam to discuss it further:
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2021.09.25 14:10 knicknakks b-but... what if their political views are dogshit jk

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2021.09.25 14:10 King_Illager My Mega pokemon Tier list,

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2021.09.25 14:10 Wonderful-Cherry-149 30 September Enlistment , anyone else?

I am enlisting on this Thursday ( 30 sept) Is anyone else enlisting on the day?
and any tips I should know before going in like items to bring or not , things to do ext
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