2021.10.17 17:18 CupOfBleach sorry

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2021.10.17 17:18 Affectionate_Page204 Score

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2021.10.17 17:18 LEEVATOKEN5 "I like the idea of LEEVA and I like that they are branching out. I think it is important for a decentralized project to truly renounce ownership" @Crypto-Token

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2021.10.17 17:18 PapiWyatt Iracing Friends?

I started playing iracing a little bit ago but lost motivation to actually race because none of my friends like racing. If anyones down to inv me to a discord or want a add drop ur dcs in the comments. It would be much appreciated! I race mx-5 for now btw
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2021.10.17 17:18 Dantheman-1771 H:B50L25v, AAe50 fixers W:lead and steel offers

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2021.10.17 17:18 CurrencyIndividual71 [Letter]

Many people find them selves 30 years into their life and continue to struggle to find an aim or purpose. Something that will drive and motivate you from within. I feel like I have found mine in emergency medicine, teaching and my children. But as a lover of all humans I would like to help others find something that will drive them. An aim. How can you help others find such a thing??
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2021.10.17 17:18 jroc458 Crypto tax in Canada- Will I be taxed as a business or capital gains?

I recently read in-depth about crypto tax-laws in Canada and I think I have a decent understanding. I make ~50K a year from my job and began crypto trading/HODLing back in Feburary 2021. I do day-day trading, as well as hold for a week and sell, and long-term HODLing. Currently, I'm sitting on ~21K in profits, and I am predicting to at least double this by the end of the bull-run. Because I'm making such a large % of money compared to my income, will I be taxed as a business (fully-taxed) or as capital-gains (50% tax rate)? Also, I did not keep great records of all my crypto trades (multiple exchanges, DEXs, etc), but, I've kept a master-spreadsheet that indicates my total invested initially vs. my current value. Will this be sufficient for filing my taxes?
I'm currently ~75K in debt from student-loans and am trying to use my crypto profits to pay this off quicker. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.17 17:18 urbletter W: Q/limb/90 - handmade/fixer H: caps/flux/plans/outfits

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2021.10.17 17:18 Beneficial_Weird_871 Prank gone to far?

My friend prankt me so gave his gf some of my sticky milk in a glass and said it was a new diet product
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2021.10.17 17:18 thesecondrando a question about complex numbers

so i got stuck on a group of questions that asks me to write r(cos(Θ) + i sin (Θ)) in the form a + ib, and the textbook does not explain how to do it, so can you help me?
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2021.10.17 17:18 idkbruh372 I wanna do these things when I meet my crush in a week but I'm a little unsure if I should do it

So I am gonna meet my crush for lunch in a week. I am not planning to tell her right now that I like her but I will try to drop a few hints, for example, I will give out a few compliments about her eyes or hair and I am gonna give her a late birthday gift as she was not in town during her birthday
I've got her this stranger things funko pop as she likes that show and I am gonna put a birthday note inside the packaging. But the one thing I'm not sure about is if this would be wholesome or something. I am thinking about giving a small note when I drop her off which would say something like “I can't wait to see you again :)” is it too much? If anyone could give me more suggestions or advice on how to drop more hints and about the final note thing I would appreciate it :))
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2021.10.17 17:18 aniplaylist Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen [Opening]

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen [Opening] 🎵 "Akeboshi" by LiSA
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2021.10.17 17:18 International-Pea897 daughters are princess

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2021.10.17 17:18 ickybus overview for Zenoureara

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2021.10.17 17:18 BearMoonnnnx W/L/F

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2021.10.17 17:18 iamahumanhead Broken Relationship in the same Church

Hello Christianity,
TL:DR - Dated a girl who I work fairly closely with in church. We broke up. I can't deal with the situation without panicking.
As I type this, I'm in church and I'm like 2 steps from a panic attack, so I'm looking for some advice.
So, I'm (35m) the technical director at my church, and I've been here for 3 1/2 years since it was founded (it was originally a second campus that grew into its own church within the same church family) and I was actually on the launch team that planned everything out to get it going. I was very proud of how I did, and the systems I put in place to help us function as a fledgling, mobile church. At the same time, a girl on the worship team (I'll call her Blarn) (30f) was also helping out with starting the church. I thought she was cool, but ultimately I had been pursuing another girl that I had known for a much longer time. The other girl and I dated, broke up, and I went into a depression spiral. Multiple suicide attempts, alcohol abuse, unhealthy coping mechanisms, the whole deal. I lost 80 lbs in 6 months. Literally, the only person that was there for me was Blarn. I vented, complained, laughed and cried. It didn't matter, she was there. She saw me at my absolute worst.
I decided I wasn't ready to date (obviously). I decided to go into a discipleship school that my church offers, and I felt like God was saying don't date while I'm in it. Blarn and I grew closer and closer through that year. The day the class ended, I drove over to her house and asked her out. She said yes (she had been expecting it).
We dated for 11 months, and I felt like things were going great. I was processing things in therapy, on antidepressants, and seeking community through small group and discipleship. I didn't see that anything was off. So I started looking for rings. I knew it was going to take me several months for me to make a decision, so I felt like by the time I was sure, it'd been around the right time. That's where I was at. We were talking about marriage and what that looks like, kids, living situation, everything.
Lo and behold, we broke up. It was almost a frame by frame replay of the last one. Hit me out of nowhere. We had several debriefing sessions (by my request), one with our pastor, and I had hope that things would work out. I had too many questions after the last one, so I wanted to sort this out and get closure. After an especially long conversation, she called me and said we are never getting back together. Ok.
That was 6 months ago. I took a 6 month sabbatical from serving (which absolutely killed me to give up) and I went to a different campus to get some space. I feel like I did much better with the grief this time. No suicide attempts, like...very little alcohol, comparatively. I think this one is harder, but I'm also not the same person I was 2 years ago. Well, I'm back to serving, and today, before service started, there was one person in the audience and OF COURSE it was her.
I don't know why breakups hit me so hard, but I want to cry or put a bullet in my head every time I see her.
How do I deal? How do I continue to serve God where I feel called? I literally have to talk to her and coordinate during sound check on Sunday mornings? How do I stop feeling this? Besides... You know, prayer, therapy, antidepressants, community, reading scripture, etc.
Thanks, love you all.
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2021.10.17 17:18 Dihnin We failed, Men.

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2021.10.17 17:18 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [LifeProTips] LPT: Learning how to breath helps with everything in life, from workouts to daily life.

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2021.10.17 17:18 Vampero_MKX What type of packs will be there on Halloween?

View Poll
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2021.10.17 17:18 Gobi_Masala Saw this on google earlier and thought it looked really cool. Anyone replaced the pedal plates on the v3's?

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2021.10.17 17:18 xxMilKirill FOREST | TANK | IS-3 | HEAVY | USSR

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2021.10.17 17:18 ConsistentAmount4 Map of ZIP codes around Melber, KY

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2021.10.17 17:18 NotBu11et Battles 2 Dodge xd

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2021.10.17 17:18 zebradolken Which details from the game/gameplay would you love to see in the HBO show?

I for one, would love to see Joel throw a brick into somebody’s face 🧱
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2021.10.17 17:18 eatCasserole Bike Tag #49

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