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The official website for DHL Western Province Rugby (Pty) Ltd. For more information contact 021 659 4600. The original StarDict project has recently been removed from SourceForge due to copyright infringement reports. Most of the files were lost with the demise of the project. Down, due to a ransomware attack! We’ll be up as soon as possible. The story... ‘He spent 24 years building his business. A ransomware attack blew it to smithereens.’ by Michael Hiltzik — Pulitzer Prize-winning Business Columnist at the Los Angeles Times [article on page A2 in the Sunday, 7/11/21, print edition] Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The best way to understand how Clemson changes lives is through the stories of our people. From transformational mentors to driven researchers and the next generation of health care workers, uncover the heartbeat behind these Tigers’ efforts. These are the hottest porn sites you can find on the internet today! has closed. The last 30 years have been great. It is time to move on. Thank you so much, dear customer! For any questions, contact us at JigSawDoku © 2021 Rachel Lee and Gideon Greenspan. All rights reserved.

2021.10.17 16:59 Expert-War-698 the best for blogs and YouTube channels

The best seo site ever and the best in the world currently according to the latest rating, it is the best for blogs and YouTube channels
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2021.10.17 16:59 BotDefense overview for Vicki-Scott44

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2021.10.17 16:59 billover1134 Pole training part 1

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2021.10.17 16:59 CryptoWangSiCong GameStop NFT could officially launch by end of October, GameStop X Loopring picture is taken directly from GameStop NFT official website. HODL

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2021.10.17 16:59 Username_Duck Hoping to make new connections! Anyone in NYC?

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2021.10.17 16:59 paques1966 Insider Trades not Really Popping (Yet).

As an executive in a publicly traded company your compensation is usually made of a number of components.
1). Salary. For senior executives this is often 1/4 or less of their total compensation.
2). Stock Options. Often executives will be given a lot of stock options (thousands). They are given at the price of the market on the day they are officially authorized so technically their value starts out as zero. As the stock price goes up (and time passes) they are entitled to sell those options at the market price and pocket the difference. So Option_Number x ($2025_Stock_Price - $2021_Stock_Price). The belief is that this aligns shareholder interest (increasing stock price) with employee interests. Note that because this is usually a large number of options this has the most leverage.
3). Restricted Stock Units. These are a straight stock giveaway (over time again). So if you get 10,000 stock options you might get 1,500 restricted units. When the due date is passed you can ‘exercise’ those units and get paid Restricted_Unit_Number*$2025_Stock_Price. These units are used to guarantee some income for executives even in case of a market downturn or if the business needs to be reworked and the stock price will not come up for a while.
4). Annual Bonus. It’s not uncommon for senior executives to get 50-75% of their base salary in annual bonus with a multiplier potential for a total of 200%. C-Suite executives will see this number be even higher. Annual bonus is usually based on some sort of business goals (e.g. new subscriber sign-up, completion of goals, return on invested capital, free cash flow). It’s usually paid a few months after the close of the fiscal year.
5). Other Benefits. Sometimes these are executive physicals, company cars, housing differential payments, etc..
So - now you know how executives get paid. If you see a salary of $1M then their likely total compensation (varies by year) will be $2.5M - $3.0M.
Executives at most publicly traded companies are given stock and then they sell stock to get paid (after goals are met, time has passed). So if you are a smart executive you watch the market and the stock price of your company and you sell your stock and exercise your options at the peak.
That’s why it’s important to watch internal executive sales of stock.
As you can see right now there is not a lot of excessive selling. This is a backwards looking indicator and is only updated once per quarter so be careful with it.
Not financial advice, not a financial advisor.
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2021.10.17 16:59 storala Will a Go2 case fit the Caddx Peanut?

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2021.10.17 16:59 Nasa4321 I’m going to try getting into a relationship

I have commitment issues but I feel like if I face my fears I’ll be able to overcome this, this will be my first actual relationship and I’m pretty shy. Is this a good idea or not, any advice?
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2021.10.17 16:59 grasuna Susy

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2021.10.17 16:59 Colonel--Hogan (Help) New Windows 98 Retro Build Chugging with games of the era

Just got through building what would be a top of the line windows 98 build and it is absolutely chugging even with games of the 95 era. All drivers are installed and up to date for the time.
Pentium III 550 Rage ATI graphics 512 ram
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2021.10.17 16:59 tucson1016 kikai sentai zenkaiger episode 32 Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon Extreme Fightin...

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2021.10.17 16:59 Brrlrcr97 Kids trying to figure out stone 1 and 6

My boys are trying to figure out these stones. They would like a nudge in the right direction.
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2021.10.17 16:59 RylanHerring001 Is there any way to get this, I wanted to buy it for my birthday this month but I missed the drop?

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2021.10.17 16:59 mortalcrawad66 Ford vs. Ford

4th gen Ford Taurus wagon vs. Ford Fusion(any gen)
How well do they both handle? How big is the after market for each? Would these make good first cars? Are they some what fast? Do they make good tinkering cars? If you had to choose one which one would it be. Duratec V6, not Vulcan Would love to try to find a manual 1.6, wouldn't hate a 2.0L(did the 2.0L only come in AWD?) Also of we ever got the Ford Focus(mondeo) wagon I would buy one in a heart beat. Damn you Ford!
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2021.10.17 16:59 sanfran54 The Electric Flag - Killing Floor

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2021.10.17 16:59 clip_mirror_bot Twitch

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2021.10.17 16:59 chickadeeinc It Might As Well Be Impossible To Get All of the Halloween Decor

So I've never been a huge letter person. I only send out hedwig once and a while-- sometimes I use the wiki to get something specific. But oh my god. I should have been collecting them for months, because it turns out it'll be IMPOSSIBLE to get a fully halloween restaurant without them.
Here's what I still need:

Garden I just unlocked Chilled Edamame a few days ago, and that let me unlock a few more items. But this Beaver's letter and Little Fox's letter is KILLING me. Not to mention once the buffet halloween items unlock, I'll have to spend all my cod on those!
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2021.10.17 16:59 exotic658fish Fortnite buddy

Looking for a duos partner just for a couple games 🤣😇 26 yr old female. Don’t even have to use mic just looking to try get a couple wins 😋
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2021.10.17 16:59 codecrunchie Find-a-friend with only 28 questions! A clever algorithm that covers age, gender, common interests (probably the best feature), continent 🗺️ , willingness to share pictures 📷 or voice calls 📞, studying/working status and more 🚀!

Yo internet travelers of 2021! As we all know, 2020 was an intense and lonely year for many of us, which led finder_of_the_humans/ to spend a whole fucking year on a friend finding project that uses 28 questions to find you compatible people to talk to. It's the coolest project I've come across in a while in the way it works (hence my posts) .

So how does it work?
Step 1. Find compatible matches
Basically it matches people up based on answers to 28 simple questions. For each question, you choose your answer and also answers from people you would want to talk to. This is your compatible matches list.
Step 2. Friend requests
Once you have the list, you can then send out friend requests to these users, (or receive requests from them), and once either of you have accepted a request, you get connected with that person, you form a friendship. You eventually meet up, get married, 3 years later you get divorced and fight over the who gets the coffee table with 5 lawyers involved.
Why this is awesome:
What are the questions:
Sounds sketchy, or you have concerns?
A few people have concerns about the above. So I can highlight a few things.
Okay woohoo lets do this!
The link is:
This is an example of the UI for a "match": you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them! (I'm based in Europe, so might be sleeping in US time).
Final tips:
I'd encourage you not be shy to send requests to people (that is the point!) - quite a few people sign up and don't send out any requests. People do have the option to hide their profile if they get too many people talking to them, so it's safe to assume that if you see their profile - they're probably still looking for a friend.
Extra info:
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2021.10.17 16:59 brickwallrunner XT vs non-XT

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2021.10.17 16:59 tanmaypendse63 The Floating Hotel that started in Australia, moved to Saigon, ended up in North Korea now.

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2021.10.17 16:59 CoyoteHavoc Taxed from u/rizzo49er, and fixed.

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2021.10.17 16:59 Study-With-Selene Study with me 4hs
✨ {50/10 sessions} ✨
🌕 Today’s Schedule For 4+ Hours 🌕 17/10/2021 (GMT+03)

 06:00pm - 06:50pm 07:00pm - 07:50pm 30Mins Break 08:20pm - 09:10pm 09:20pm - 10:10pm 
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2021.10.17 16:59 R120Tunisia From what part of Gujarat do Mumbai Gujaratis mainly originate ?

And what specific dialect is standard Gujarati based on ?
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