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2021.10.17 16:58 treeluvsu i feel like im cheating but im not

i love him, i wouldn’t ever do that, why does my brain keep saying im cheating im not, but what if i am? i really hope this goes away.
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2021.10.17 16:58 1357297 (SPOILER) This is who I think the next book will be about and why I'm super excited for it!

This is probably going to be pretty long, so get your snacks ready!!
So, I believe that the next book is going to be Elain's (obvi with either an Az or Lucien POV)! The main reason I believe it will be her book is just simply from a plot point. We know Koschei is the new big baddie (kind of like the King of Hybern in the OG trilogy). We know there there is probably a 4th trove item out there and they will most likely be searching for it. We also know that only Made fae can find them. Elain is going to be a massive factor in finding the 4th trove as well as finding out where Koschei is and what he may be planning.
I also think the next book will be her's because of her love story. We know Lucien is her mate and we know her and Az have been getting close and I think it's time for one of those love interests to get serious.
Since she's officially a part of the Night Court and the IC AND she has ties to Lucien, I think she's also in a perfect position to be right in the thick of any court politics that will be taking place, especially when it comes to growing tensions with the Autumn and Spring Courts.
Ok, so now on to why I'm so pumped for her book...

  1. We've only ever seen her through her sister's eyes (and a couple Cassian interactions and one Az POV). Her sisters make her out to be this weak, meek, porcelain doll that can't do anything. Nesta goes as far as calling her a DOG. And I think a lot of readers are judging her based on her sister's views of her instead of Elain's own words and actions. She literally killed the King of Hybern- shoved Truth Teller right into his throat to protect her sister. She's got a dry, witty sense of humor as we have seen with the gifts she's given Az. She's got some spunk in her "I hope they burn in hell" She also doesn't want everyone to treat her like she will break at any moment. I think her convo with Nesta about resenting her living a simple life and yet not allowing her to do anything risky is super telling. She's also a SEER. Like how freaking badass is that?? And not only that, but thats a gift from the literal cauldron. And not just that, but the cauldron chose to give her those abilities. She's also super stealthy and is able to constantly sneak up on people and two of her closest friends are super spy half wraiths. I totally think Elain is getting set up to be a spy and it's going to be so fun to watch her run around Prythian and foil all sorts of evil plans.
  2. I think personal agency and choice are going to be the main overarching themes of her book. Who she wants to be. Who she wants to be with. How she wants to use her powers. What role she will have within the IC. I think she will finally set boundaries with her sisters and make them see how they treat her isn't ok. I also think Rhys and Mor could be two character's that help her discover herself and advocate for her. In the Feysand bonus POV chapter in ACOSF, Rhys says to Feyra, ""But I wonder if everyone has spent so long assuming Elain is sweet and innocent that she felt she had to be that way or else she'd disappoint you all." He sighed toward the ceiling. "With time and safety, perhaps we'll see a different side of her emerge."" Rhys understand the dynamics and whats happening here. Rhys has always been a big cheerleader for choice and I think he will help Elain find her voice and her place within the IC. I think Mor is going to be a big support to her when it comes to her mating bond with Lucien. Everyone always seems to worry about what the mating bond is doing to Lucien, but what about what it's doing to Elain??? We all know Lucien is an awesome guy, but we only know that because of Feyra's relationship with him. To Elain, this is the person that had a direct hand in causing her life altering TRAUMA. And now he has some weird claim to her because of a mating bond that snapped into place the literal second she became fae?? His actions caused her to lose her humanity, the man she loved, her home, etc. I think Mor knows what it's like to feel like you are being thrust into a relationship you don't want and didn't choose. Elain isn't dumb, I'm sure she's more than aware of the potential political ramifications her rejection could have, and there's pressure to not hurt Lucien's feelings, not put a strain on his and Feyra's friendship, etc. I think Mor will help her navigate all of that and let her know that its OK if she does reject the bond- something no one else has let her know.
  3. I'm excited to just finally understand her and how she thinks. Just because she's quite doesn't mean she's boring and just because she's soft doesn't mean she's weak. She adapts well, as we've seen with how quickly she began making a life for herself in the Night Court and befriended Nuala and Cerridwen (or however you spell it). She's super observant, even outside of her seer abilities. She has mastered the art of moving quietly about and I wonder just how much she overhears. She cares about her family and friends fiercely and is willing to do whatever she can to protect them (ie knife through the throat). I think she is such a special character and so different from her sisters and I'm so glad we will get the chance to peek into her brain and get to know her.
  4. I want to know more about her powers. Will she be able to see whatever she wants to see once she masters her seer abilities? Are there time and distance parameters when it comes to what she's able to see? Will random visions still come to her? How do those visions come to her? Are her powers directly linked to the cauldron? Are there different ways to interpret her visions or do they show themselves exactly as how events will unfold? Are her visions set in stone or can they change based on the choices people make? SO many questions and I hope we get a lot of answers and find out all we can about what a badass she is.
  5. Her mating bond. It's been brought up in past books that mating bonds can be broken and mating bonds aren't always a good fit. So far we have only seen mating bonds that work out and are accepted. I would LOVE to see one be rejected and have her navigate those emotions and ramifications. Will Lucien go bananas? Will it hurt Elain? Will she regret it? Will it cause turmoil with the Autumn Court? Will that hurt ties with the other Band of Misfits? If she does end up choosing Az, will the Blood Duel be brought up? The whole "I've learned to love this person and omg they're also my mate" trope has been done twice now, and I'd like to see things get a little shaken up when it comes to mating bonds. Will the cauldron or mother intervene and let her choose a mate for herself? Can you have more than one mate? Is Greyson going to try to win her back? WHO KNOWS?? But I like that idea of something different happening when it comes to Elain's love story.
  6. Az. How deep are their feelings for one another? I'm excited to see what will happen when everyone finds about about what Rhys did. WILL we find out what Rhys did? Will the bonus chapter events even be brought up at all? Will she get her necklace back? Will she see Gwyn wearing it (assuming Gwyn actually received it)? How will Az explain what happened that evening? What do they talk about when they are together? How close have they gotten? Will he ask her to reject the mating bond? Does he think that maybe she is is mate but can't say anything because Lucien has already said she's his mate? Will they be thrust together and have to work with one another and things be awkward? I'm really stoked to see what goes down with her and Az!
  7. I'm excited to see Feyra, Nesta, Az, Rhys, Cass, etc through her eyes! How does she perceive everyone? These are all characters we have gotten to know and love and I can't wait to get to know them all over again through Elain. I'm also excited to get to know the half-wraiths she's friends with! Are there going to be more side characters introduced to us like in Nesta's book? Since Lucien is probably going to be more of a character in this book, does that also mean we will get to know a little bit more about Vassa? What about Eris? Or Tamlin? I'm excited to see how they all play into the plot and get to see Elain's POV and what she thinks of everyone.
I've seen a lot of people not thrilled at the idea of a book from her POV and I hope this shows just some of the possibilities an Elain book can offer and why thats so exciting!!
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2021.10.17 16:58 Academic_Macaron_430 What finisher is this and who's Charlotte doing it on?

Been trying to figure it out but I have no clue. Any help guys?
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2021.10.17 16:58 aly-work-so-hard My supervisor recommends me to attend summer school

As title, my supervisor recommends me to attend some summer schools...
But I thought summer school is mainly for undergraduates/masters or even non-HE students. Does this mean that my supervisor is not satisfied with my ability?
Do you have the same experience?
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22[F4M] Hi I am looking for some new friends and someone wants to trade on SC: Lisabroussard21
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2021.10.17 16:58 Dwhitlo1 Dozens of half orc warlocks cross lots of streams.

Forty four Fjords ford forty four fords.
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2021.10.17 16:58 hullnyx What are you running Life Staff with? Secondary/Talents/Stats?

Like the title says what are you running as a life staff main? Secondary, etc? This is what I'm rocking right now.
Seems like a lot of people are, but I've seen and talked with several people on my server that actually use Divine Embrace fully buffed out and its like a chain heal and they love it.
Just want to see what everyone else is spec'd into and what you have experimented with.
For solo and group with my 2 friends, I've been running hatchet with amber gem.
Expeditions I'm running ice gauntlet for aoe/slow/defense/mana regen. My ice gauntlet isn't too high but its enough for expeditions.
Stats are Focus/Con. I got 50 in con with a combo of spent points and gear 155 in focus with spent points and gear. I'm nearly unkillable with this setup and have messed around with Great Axe and Warhammer but haven't found those as fun.

TDLR; What is your life staff tree looking like and what are you running?
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