Earnings Week Ahead: Steel Dynamics, NetFlix, Tesla, AutoNation and Honeywell in Focus

2021.10.17 16:55 NewsElfForEnterprise Earnings Week Ahead: Steel Dynamics, NetFlix, Tesla, AutoNation and Honeywell in Focus

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2021.10.17 16:55 Repeno Can't stop running for PR every time.

Lately, every time I go for a run I feel like I have to break my PR. My goto distance is 5km on a 400m track, and I just can't get myself to run it 'slow' on purpose. I like to break my PR, and actually do it often since I'm pushing myself every time, but it just gets super exhausting. Does anyone else seem to struggle with this?
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2021.10.17 16:55 Zander823 Gods, Saviors, People - Part 12: Peace in Imperfection

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“Had I known the nature of the board looking over my shoulder, I would probably have declined your offer all those years ago,” V’shte choked out, barely retaining his diction.
Blake slid over the half-empty 2-liter bottle of whiskey. “Woulda.”
“Yeah, I know,” the Minister said as he took a swig. He set the bottle down and drew a deep breath. “You’re much older and more experienced than me, Blake, do you know how to deal with them?”
The Senator pursed his lips. “Not really, no. I don’t think any of us have truly mastered that particular art form. You have to look on the bright side of things and deal with the half-measured compromises they hand down. It shouldn’t be so hard, but it is.”
V’shte slid the bottle back. “Shoulda.”
“Fuck, you’re right.” He took another drink. “Ugh, 0.62.”
“Yaaay,” V’shte responded emotionlessly. “You are right. All I can do is deal with them and hope for the best. But that’s so hard to do when their decisions can seem so insane.”
Blake sunk into his chair and tried to burp discreetly. “Still not over the co-hab verdict?”
“Of course not! The whirlwind of shit that has been this evacuation makes it easy to forget that vote was this month. I put forward the forced cohabitation plan as a bad option, something to incentivize action on the other, better plans. But noooo, they think that doctors have enough worldly experience and discretion to carry this inane, empty-headed idea to fruition.
“They do in most cases,” he continued, “that I will not deny, but the failure rate will be higher than the volunteer version. And with less population to pull from in the first place, that is a recipe to be lacking in fast-track uplift candidates for decades. We may have to rely on the first generation of children! And nothing says ‘we have failed you’ quite like making your kids fix what you couldn’t!”
V’shte panted for a moment before muttering “yeah, coulda” and took another swig.
“I… did vote against–”
“I know. It was narrow–19 yea, 16 nay. And I distinctly remember you simply voted and nothing else. No effort to debate the obvious cons or change anyone’s mind. Inaction.”
Blake was silent for a moment, then took the bottle and downed a considerable gulp. He set it down and wiped his mouth. “The docs’re the best and brightest. Maybe I should have, but five-to-eight months is nothing, man. Even if they hate it, the whole thing is water under the bridge by the next dip in the green.”
The Minister nodded with a sigh. “I suppose you’re right. Everything is in motion now. Our plans are laid and cannot be significantly altered. What few opportunities to improve the lives of my people that do appear must be pursued–no matter how small.”
“Anything come to mind?”
V’shte rested his head in his hands. “You could lobby for the kiteril talk to be pushed back, and hopefully out of the speech entirely.”
Blake pursed his lips. “I’ll bring it up, but I think you know what they’ll say.”
“You could bump the opening of Star Cross up a few days, give it a better first impression than it’ll get otherwise.”
The Senator nodded with a thoughtful frown. “That might be doable, though it’d be a little shorthanded. I’ll see about that.”
“Maybe don’t raise the birth rate conundrum for a while?”
“Not a chance.”
V’shte slumped into his chair. “You could refill my liquor ca–”
The Minister chuckled at the mild absurdity. The one consistent challenge for him was like nothing to Blake, and it was worth so little in the long run. They fell quiet. There were no more words to be said. Blake stood from his chair with a wobble.
“Good talk, Ittim.”
Left alone in his office, V’shte swirled the three-quarters empty bottle before corking and returning it to the drawer from whence it came. He sighed and brushed his frills. It was going to be a long few decades.
Ureki inspected a piece of lungré steak on her skewer. Brown on the outside—red within—it dripped with blood, butter, and spices.
“It’s hard to believe this is from the food maker. The cooks here have clearly adapted.”
“Mmhmm,” Est responded, the only sound she could make without spewing a mouthful of steak across the table.
“Amazing what a good meal can do for one’s mood, isn’t it?” she asked humorously.
Ureki suddenly looked less impressed. “Are you going to swallow that and use your words?”
There was a pause as Est looked briefly guilty. “Mhm.”
It was a busy night for the restaurant, but that was a universal truth everywhere they had looked. Seats were at a premium, but dishes were not. It was strange to see the earthenware plates taken out the door. But it did allow some to leave with their food, which was the only reasonable way to serve everyone. The kitchen had eight verrei and four humans, a detail which made Est uncomfortable... until she was served quality food at astonishing speed. So what if they used kinetics to fly the plate over? She was hungry.
After a moment more of chewing, she finally swallowed the oversized bite. “The food has been more helpful than I imagined, yes.”
“Good,” Ureki responded as she chewed on a more reasonable morsel. “Now that you’re feeling better, what has been gnawing at you?”
“Nothing… mmm, well, the act of doing nothing, to be clear. Everything looked so bleak that I hadn’t done any thinking ahead until we met, and now I feel lost.” She poked at her sliced cubes of steak.
Ureki sat back and took a sip from her cup of hot broth. “If you think about it, that’s a good place to be.”
Est looked quite disappointed. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I seem to be quite bad at thinking. Explain it to me, please,” she requested dryly.
After a moment to plan her words, Ureki leaned forward to rest her elbows on the table. “The humans have a plan. We wouldn’t be here if they didn’t, and there are only so many ways it can go. They clearly mean well; feeding, clothing, and housing us. If they held dark intentions for us there would be hints of it, but there are none to find so far.
“And so what would a helper do for us?” Ureki posed. “They would wait until we have regained our balance, so to speak. We are almost there, and once we are, they will tell us what is next. After that is when you seek action. Change your direction when you can see where the crossroads lead.”
Est dropped her head and started to shake it. She huffed twice then looked up. “Part of me was honestly hoping you were right before, that you aren’t actually that wise. But no, gods damn it, that was an excellent point and you are a rotten liar.”
“Maybe you are right!” Ureki proclaimed with a smile. “Disappointing you with good advice does not sound so bad to me though.”
“Yeah...” she said while skewering a fatty piece of steak. She popped it in her mouth and thought while she chewed. “What do you think will be next? For us, or for you?”
Ureki raised her head slightly. “For us? First, we will be taught. I believe the humans will be eager to help us learn about life among the stars. For me?” She lowered her voice. “I don’t know where my life will go far from now, but I have found an encirclement in the short term.”
Est perked up quite suddenly. “Really? They are reforming now?”
Ureki’s hand quickly went up. “Not exactly. These early ones are, mmm.” She scratched the side of her head. “Built around humans. Due largely to our requests.”
After a bout of confused blinking, and a twitch of the frills, Est responded in a whispering shout. “What? Our normal encirclements are fine enough, what motivated you to join this… thing?”
Ureki shrugged. “Confusion, fear of the unknown, desperation for contact with anything alive, take your pick. I’ve had my reservations—still do—but after much consideration, it’s worth a try.”
Disappointment was visible on Est’s face. She obviously was interested in joining, until she learned of Shannon. It was a step too far for her.
“Oh cheer up, Est. Just because I go encircle where you will not follow does not mean I will forget about you. We can meet like this as many times as we want.”
Est had returned to picking at her food. “Alright.”
Ureki softly growled to herself in frustration. “Finish your food, there’s a dart range right outside of town and I want to see how much my aim has decayed. You work with bricks. Those strong arms will lend you well to the art of the throw, it should be fun!”
“Sure, that does sound like a good time.”
With the light’s first fading came a shift. The dreams fell away to their confusing, meaningless ends and Ureki opened her eyes. She drew a deep breath and stretched in place before sitting up. It was her last day in a room of empty smells, maddeningly smooth surfaces, and disgusting square corners. Whatever came next would surely replace them with new and equally frustrating discomforts, but, for once, she desired change over stability.
After dressing herself, she donned the glove and eyepiece given to her days prior. Her breakfast choice was difficult, until it wasn’t. Ureki realized that no food would be more fitting than the same raggien wasps that she first ate on the Mother Star. She set the final glazed clay plate on the table to begin her little game of kinetics.
A bag had been delivered the night before and she used it begin packing. Between placing her folded outfits into it, she would use the kinetic glove to sling a wasp toward herself and snatch it out of the air with her tongue. After a night or two with the ball, she had the hang of the kinetics. However, the three dropped wasps did put a damper on that optimistic idea.
She came to her old, burnt clothes, buried at the bottom of the trunk. They were half-destroyed, and shoddy in the first place. It seemed only reasonable to throw them away, but she couldn’t bring herself to. It was an irreplaceable piece of home, no matter how little value it originally held. She packed it away along with the bouncy ball and the rest of her non-vital devices. She still wondered why a personal shield was given but decided that having it did no harm whatsoever.
With her things packed, Ureki finished a quick round of cleaning and reached for her plate, only to stop. She removed the datapad from her nav-brace and opened up a user manual she had previously skimmed. After scrolling to the desired section, she started to read in detail. Eventually, she gathered her courage and pointed to the plate. Once it was acquired, she did not fling her hand. Instead, she pretended to lift it from below, despite being halfway across the room.
It began to hover by her unseen hand.
With a deep breath, she looked away from it, and it did not fall. Instead, she located its destination: The food maker. With a gentle swing of the arm, she moved the plate into the little alcove, then lowered her hand and balled it into a fist. There was a gentle clink as the dish set down, no longer under her control. With a smile, she next indicated the table and motioned as if to upend it, which provided the force needed to flip it up into the slot in the wall.
Her tail curled as she huffed in satisfaction. “Magic,” she said to no one in particular.
“Still technology,” Obri corrected from behind her, inducing a startled jump.
Ureki regained her composure and sneered at the open metal eye on the wall. “You didn’t have to ruin the moment,” she scolded.
“Oh but Dr. Meyer certainly enjoys startling you, so I thought I would give it a go.” He paused for a moment to allow a rebuttal, but Ureki merely continued to look annoyed. “In any case, you appear to be packed. Does that mean you will be vacating this room indefinitely?”
“Yes. You of all people should be aware of that,” she stated with a tinge of confusion.
“People change their minds or lie. But now that I have confirmation from the source I will notify the cleaners to scrub the room. I wish you all the best! And don’t forget your bow.”
With his piece said, Orbi’s metal eye shut and he was silent. Ureki shook her head and grabbed her footbow. As she exited out into the tramways, she looked back at the square of space in which she had lived since her arrival. After a silent goodbye, she vowed to re-string her bow and turned toward the future.
The fire crackled gently, eliciting the pops and snaps of burning wood that did not exist. And yet the flame was real, if almost entirely devoid of smoke. Ureki flicked her tongue, registering only the slightest hint of soot. She didn’t mind; the smell held no special meaning to her. With soft footsteps at her side, she looked to see Shannon carrying two cups. Her new housemate sat beside her on the floor cushion.
“Your tea,” she said, extending the glass.
Happily, she accepted the turu petal tea. It was hot and tangy as it should be. She drank it quickly, narrowly avoiding burnt tongues. Shannon sipped her own hot cocoa far more leisurely.
“What’s with the chugging? I know Atola is on her way, but… you could just set it down.”
Ureki stopped and sucked air to cool her steaming mouth. “Absolutely not. Any act that takes longer than a turi and I entirely forget my drink. That will not change anytime soon.”
“Sounds like a good point,” Shannon conceded while taking a sip. “Maybe I can introduce you to some advanced kinetics?”
She raised her cocoa into the air and let go. It did not fall, instead, hovering by her side. For further demonstration, she paraded around the room with her cup in tow before plopping right back down where she'd started with an inquisitive and smug expression. Ureki nodded.
“Might work,” she conceded. “Or I will have a column of half-finished drinks pursuing me by the sunrise.”
Shannon chuckled once and they faced the flame again. The wild flickerings captivated both for a time. Despite it not being a normal flame, Ureki could feel that special sensation in her scales as the trickle of sunfat provided by any fire was slowly accumulating in her blood. It was a subtle pleasure, one that enlivened the senses rather than dulled them like the sun’s direct rays.
“Have you noticed the air getting colder?” Shannon asked out of the blue.
Ureki paused, then gathered her memories to respond. “Until you mentioned it, I had not. It’s to avoid baron’s fever, right?”
“Yup. We had another ten days before it became an issue, but there’s no sense in waiting. Now that most verrei are recovered we don’t need to keep it warm for them to heal. What a biological reaction though, imagine your own fat going rancid inside your skin!”
“Shannon! That is no conversation to bring near food or drink!”
“Oh, sorry,” she blurted with a laugh. “I forget that other people can be squeamish.”
Both their datapads beeped, but Shannon was quicker on the draw. “Oh, she’s almost here!”
The ensuing scramble was amusing to observe. Ureki downed the entirety of her drink and ran to put it away in the kitchen, then sprinted out the door. Left in the dust, Shannon blinked. It had taken less than 20 seconds.
“I should’ve specified that she’s three minutes out,” she mumbled to herself as she continued to sip lazily.

Afterword Part 12 and the end of an era! No more gross squares!
Nothing is perfect in the political world, especially when the rush to solve problems overwhelms rational thought. V'shte is, in the end, only a man. Saddled with work fit for a hundred, burdened with outside oversight, and plagued by the ill fortunes of life. And yet he persists. He really is one of my favorite characters in... well... basically all of my works so far.
The conversation between him and Blake carried into this part and continued the trend of foreshadowing plenty of stuff. I wonder which ones will become relevant first, and which ones are red herrings? Not even I can be completely sure. (And yes, I do know that humans nowadays would die from a 0.62 BAC.)
As can be discerned from their conversation, Est is being relegated to the status of 'side character' for the time being. I still have plans for her, they'll simply play out more slowly than most for a while.
Ureki leaving her original room behind definitely has some symbolism, but I think it's plenty apparent. I still like writing Obri as a bit of an opportunistic smartass.
And so begins the encirclement, which shall be the exclusive focus of the next part! It's gonna be a funny one, so look forward to it!
Thank you for reading!
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2021.10.17 16:55 mntoak Chrome software, or needing new Windows based desktop?

New to this game, and just picked up the RTL-SDR BLOG dongle, and went to set-up and realized everything is for Windows, and I have a chromebook. I've searched around a little, and think I've answered my own question but figured I'd ask before I go grab a new desktop. Are there any Chrome interfaces that can be used for this, or should I go buy a new desktop with Windows to alleviate any issues and increase ease of access?
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2021.10.17 16:55 PigeonPorno Demon Slayer stat maxing?

Do I just max strength all the way? Or do I pour some into dex? Or just keep auto-assigning like I have alll the way?
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2021.10.17 16:55 planttoddler help-- please and thank you!

Hi. Can someone please tell me the title of this manga? I remember that a male side character (whose hair kind covers the eyes) is in love with the MC's/male lead's big sister. The said big sister has known the character for quite a while now too. She says that she can't reciprocate his love because he's "a kid", but she might reconsider if he grows up to be a great guy. I might be wrong, but I vaguely remember the big sister riding a scooter or motorcycle. This is a romance manga for sure.
Thanks for your help!
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2021.10.17 16:55 tubbyteak Traveling and exiting to Chile as a dual USA and Chile citizen?

My aunt is a USA citizen but is also a chilean citizen with a RUN as well. She have not lived in Chile in over 30 years and their home is the USA. The mobility pass as a US citizen may not approved by the time she travels this week (submitted application 2 weeks ago ish). If she enters identified as a chilean citizen, can she smoothly leave without doing that comisaria virtual thing? Just looking for the smoothest uncomplicated way to enter and exit the country as a dual citizen. My aunt is an older person and is not good with technology and barely knows how to send text messages so want to make this as uncomplicated as possible. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2021.10.17 16:55 AshleyMeyer77 Happy birthday to Wyclef Jean, born October 17, 1969

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2021.10.17 16:55 atheniansE I fucking despise all of this

Fuck all of you.
Words cannot explain how much I want to start a nuclear war so I can bomb this entire planet and take all of you to Hell with me.
If I'm going to burn for eternity in Hell, I do not have empathy for any of you or myself. I do not have empathy for animals or plants or quite literally anything in this miserable planet.
It's cute how people think "oh, it's so nice to be religious, I'm going to spend eternity in Heaven with my friends and family uwu"
No, you dumb bitch, the Bible itself says that an overwhelming majority of people are going to agonize in Hell FOREVER, so not only is it likely your dead grandma or grandpa or your sister or your brother are burning in the Lake of Fire right now, you, your parents and most of your friends are going to meet the same fate as them once Christ comes down to destroy the world.
Also, even if you do get into the elite society (Heaven), all of your personality, memories and whatever else you had in life will be wiped away. You won't remember friends, family or anything, you'll just be a mindless slave praising God forever.
It's ridiculous how most people think "I might be suffering right now, but all of that will be rewarded in Heaven after I die!"
No, you won't be rewarded. In fact, you're more likely to be in much, MUCH worse conditions than you ever experienced on this Earth. And by worse conditions I mean literally burning alive for zillions and zillions of years.
Not only do I have to drag myself through this damned, shitty planet for 60 years, I also have to endure the fact I'll BURN FOREVER after I die.
The thought of Hell alone makes me want to run over a bunch of people. It's sickening.
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2021.10.17 16:55 BuildingNumerous2575 Help Please! German/English Dark Souls startet nicht`/won't start.

Hallo, ich bekomme folgende Fehlermeldung beim starten von DSR:
auf der Festplatte sind über 200GB freier Speicher..
Kann mir jemand helfen?

Hello, I'm getting the following error. "Game could not be started. Not enough disk space"
I have over 200GB of free disk space where the game is installed.
Can someone help me with this?
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Is there a difference between normal flares, kick flares and bell flares?
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2021.10.17 16:55 Capital-Injury6542 Work

Reading a lot of the things here my problem seems stupid but idk. I keep fucking up ive showed up to work twice and havent had my key so Ive had to call a bunch of people both times at 6 in the morning(including my 2 bosses who i look up to greatly) inconveniencing them, I cant help but feel like the people i look up to think im an idiot or not resposible or don't care. Not sure if this covers the dynamic between me and my bosses well or even the situation well but thats the best way I can put it without writing an entire essay.
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