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WoW | Kaivax in Season of Mastery PvP Rank Fix Underway

2021.12.02 23:10 blue_trackerbot WoW | Kaivax in Season of Mastery PvP Rank Fix Underway

WoW Classic General Discussion » Season of Mastery PvP Rank Fix Underway

6:00 p.m. PST
At this time, we’re running calculations that will bring Season of Mastery players who have earned Honor to the correct Rank. This may take a little while to complete, and if you aren’t seeing your correct Rank thereafter, logging out and back in may be required.
As soon as we can, we intend to remove gear from player-characters who do not meet the Rank requirement to have obtained the gear. With that in mind, we advise players who have found themselves in possession of a high Rank piece of gear to not waste any resources on it, such as enchantments.
Thank you for your patience as we continue to fix this.
2021-12-02 18:02:35
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2021.12.02 23:10 1000000students Tom Cotton Admits Trump, Not Biden, Caused Inflation

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2021.12.02 23:10 Zan_korida LORD CRIST! WHY!?

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2021.12.02 23:10 they-them277 Can Someone help me find this fic????

Okay, so basically Natasha & Clint adopt MJ( Michelle Jones) she has an abusive dad & a eating disorder. But nat & clint also adopt Loki and the two of them r siblings. I’m pretty sure nat & clint are together. I’ve been looking for this fic for a g e s but I can’t find it anywhere. Can someone help?
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2021.12.02 23:10 eric_bousquet Deux ados impliqués dans une double tentative de meurtre à Montréal

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2021.12.02 23:10 princevsanime People of reddit that have moved to a new country what was the most unexpected thing you saw?

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2021.12.02 23:10 Arminius1992 Tabernacle Havana Seed #142 Lancero. One of my favorites

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2021.12.02 23:10 Nick-One Gag Shop Interns

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2021.12.02 23:10 livingtheloserlife To all non-Americans, what is this?

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2021.12.02 23:10 TheQueen044 I need a new friend 23(F)

I am a 23 F in Oklahoma. I live away from home, so i don't have friends. And that sucks!🙃🙃🙃
I need new friends.
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2021.12.02 23:10 Epicsgameryttw Sewer help

How do I get past the sewer? It says the boss would be there at 9PM but I have no idea where to go for the conversation or the code.
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2021.12.02 23:10 Gilesco Does anyone else not know any other Vampire Weekend/Time Crisis fans in real life?

Or is it just because I live in Alabama? 😂
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2021.12.02 23:10 PoseurTrauma6 Better run, better run

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2021.12.02 23:10 HowdyDoodyMrTooty learning to read sheet music

Is there a video game that helps with learning to read sheet music?
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2021.12.02 23:10 Magliene Sarah loves the fire on a chilly night.

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2021.12.02 23:10 dcforce The Astrolabe proves FLAT EARTH | Banjo

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2021.12.02 23:10 HrodMad LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOO

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2021.12.02 23:10 commnonymous The Housing Crisis in Belleville

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2021.12.02 23:10 NoTimeToNotDie Grizzlies - OKC at the half: 72 - 72/2

World class tanking.
What is wall tanking? Wall tanking or “tanking” is a method of preventing water ingress by creating a completely impermeable waterproof barrier on an internal wall. When we refer to tanking walls, it's usually in reference to below ground structures like basements or as a precautionary measure on damp walls above ground. The term “tanking” comes from the idea that by completely sealing a room, a waterproof tank-like barrier is created.
More often than not, walls below ground like basements, cellars and sunken garages are surrounded by earth. This means that moisture, water pressure and ingress are serious considerations.
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2021.12.02 23:10 tr0028 Should I try LDN or ask the doc for a Contrave Rx? (non chronic, using for weight loss)

I have access to 40-ish tablets of Naltrexone. I was using them to quit drinking (TSM for the win!) but am now 2 months sober and wanting to tackle my weight too.

I am nervous to try Contrave because I have never taken any kind of anti-depressant. However, I would say I probably have had light/mild depression for around 7 years. My weight has also increased over the past two years and I can't seem to get it down. I almost obsess about food, and get super hungry, especially during the last two weeks of my cycle. However, I have also heard that Bupropion can increase libido, which would be a godsend to me (some trauma - also seven years ago, shocking, I know). When I was drinking often and therefore, taking naltrexone daily, I did get more depressed. So I am hoping the anti-depressant would also counteract that. I really struggle with motivation now, getting up off the couch and doing exercise is like an unsurmountable task most days.

I guess my question is just that if you had the choice of both (insurance will cover the cost as far as I know) - which would you choose to take? And why?
Any advice appreciated.
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2021.12.02 23:10 Siamese_Dani Anyone has this page? Nothing can be found when I am getting to pick shift 5 mins later at 6:15pm.

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2021.12.02 23:10 SoberMatty087 [TO] Mint Discs Sublime Jackalope - stickered 174 - 9.5/10 for storage

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2021.12.02 23:10 szymonwong Which champion haven’t you seen in a loooong time?

For me it’s kai’sa, over 500 games without a single kai’sa ;__;. Ive seen aurelions, singeds, mundos but for some reason all thr kai’sa players just disappeared
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2021.12.02 23:10 PM_ME_RIDER_HENTAI This is Miss Bojangles chilling in a tree

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2021.12.02 23:10 tartz24 Haven’t traded in a while, the last three pages are my ISO’s but I’m willing to look at anything, I mainly trade in twos btw

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