D̘̈͝ë̸̺m̡̛̋o̢̺̲c̵̙͆r̰̃̎à̘̞t͙̰ͧs͍͂͟ f̬͘͞o̤͟ͅr̙͒ͮ l̵͔̉i̛̟f͚̘̑ẽ̷ͬ į́n̢̤͑ ẗ̨̝ḣ̵͓e̮͂͡ n͊̄́a̭ͩͧt̵͚͗í̵͖ò̂ͅn̻̜̂, i̵̺͂n͎͒c̢̬̕ĺ̶̡ủ̻͍ḓ̢̿íͩͫn̜̱̆g̵̩̏ g̸̥ͬưͧ́n̷̟͆ b̧̰ͬa̘͂͢n̶̥ͭ.

2022.01.19 02:16 we_want_freedumb D̘̈͝ë̸̺m̡̛̋o̢̺̲c̵̙͆r̰̃̎à̘̞t͙̰ͧs͍͂͟ f̬͘͞o̤͟ͅr̙͒ͮ l̵͔̉i̛̟f͚̘̑ẽ̷ͬ į́n̢̤͑ ẗ̨̝ḣ̵͓e̮͂͡ n͊̄́a̭ͩͧt̵͚͗í̵͖ò̂ͅn̻̜̂, i̵̺͂n͎͒c̢̬̕ĺ̶̡ủ̻͍ḓ̢̿íͩͫn̜̱̆g̵̩̏ g̸̥ͬưͧ́n̷̟͆ b̧̰ͬa̘͂͢n̶̥ͭ.

D̘̈͝ë̸̺m̡̛̋o̢̺̲c̵̙͆r̰̃̎à̘̞t͙̰ͧs͍͂͟ f̬͘͞o̤͟ͅr̙͒ͮ l̵͔̉i̛̟f͚̘̑ẽ̷ͬ į́n̢̤͑ ẗ̨̝ḣ̵͓e̮͂͡ n͊̄́a̭ͩͧt̵͚͗í̵͖ò̂ͅn̻̜̂, i̵̺͂n͎͒c̢̬̕ĺ̶̡ủ̻͍ḓ̢̿íͩͫn̜̱̆g̵̩̏ g̸̥ͬưͧ́n̷̟͆ b̧̰ͬa̘͂͢n̶̥ͭ. submitted by we_want_freedumb to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 02:16 DOOMOPS3 ...

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2022.01.19 02:16 StrikeUnique1986 Test

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2022.01.19 02:16 SmoothBrainedApe47 Buying the dip be like

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2022.01.19 02:16 PranshuSethi Need some help with my PS3

I have recently jailbroken my PS3 (HEN), and I want to start modding GTA5, I have the Disc version, is there any way I can start modding (Storymode) without losing my current progress because i saw on youtube that we first need to convert BLUS to BLES where blus i think is the disc version and before converting, they delete the GTA files from the PS3 HDD which i think deletes the current progress... (Btw i got a PS3 because it was the Cheapest option to play GTA 5, i got the PS3 for 100 AED which is roughly $27.22)
Can anyone please help, i'm new to this modding stuff. or if possible you can DM me on IG : iampranshusethi
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2022.01.19 02:16 Strider_27 I know

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2022.01.19 02:16 teecave27 Sofi Bank Charter Approved

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2022.01.19 02:16 billjames1685 Play through of Hollow Knight

Hey guys,
I am a Hollow Knight veteran who has put in 250+ hours into the game. I was telling my girlfriend about it and she was really interested in the lore and wants to watch a play through on youtube - not a walkthrough, more like she wants to watch someone experience the game for the first time so she can as well. She doesn't have time to play the full game.
I looked around on YouTube and only found walkthroughs/beginners tips, so I was wondering if anyone knew of something like this?
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2022.01.19 02:16 sevae Hogfather (Discworld #20) by Terry Pratchett (Multiple formats, $1.99)

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2022.01.19 02:16 ebookart Clean Master – Junk Cleaner & Phone Booster

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2022.01.19 02:16 ZoolShop Bad Astronomy | Star flyby distorts a young stellar nursery

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2022.01.19 02:16 Palmos83 Hidden Coffee Shops

What are some hidden and lesser known Coffee Shops. Places that are off the path but worth visiting.
I am born and raised in this city but always enjoy exploring and visiting new places. It’s always good to support local and independent.
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2022.01.19 02:16 Confident-Pressure26 QC pls. GD batch

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2022.01.19 02:16 goror0 3.5 year old girl - sleep drama

Hi folks
my LO turns 4 in July. Shes very sweet, but i guess it runs in the family. I'm a night owl, I dont want her to follow in my footsteps. She comes up with alot of excuses why she doesn't like to wind down and sleep. Shes impatient because sleep doesn't come. she says "falling asleep isn't my favorite thing to do". Night routine stretches out to 1.5 hours. At its worst, she keeps us up by leaving her room and coming to our bed and tapping us awake. when she chooses this very difficult time to have a melt down, because she's pushing her limits, the time out is more intense, because we want our youngest one to stay sleeping, so i have to carry #1 kicking and screaming and covering her mouth to our soundproof basement where we do her time out there. needless to say exhausting.
What strategies to get her to buy in to bedtime? we talk about it sometimes - she knows what to do, and why its important. But when push comes to shove and bedtime comes, she reverts back to naughty girl. any SUGGESTIONS? thanks
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2022.01.19 02:16 Aggressive_Peach8842 Do I need to retake Math 109?

I'm currently a first year Computer Science student who wants to apply for SEng next year, but due to bombing my final I got a 59% in the course. I've heard the requirement is 60, but I'm so close that I'm wondering if I have to take it again. Do I need to?
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2022.01.19 02:16 No_Muscle_7634 Danielle Alcaraz

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2022.01.19 02:16 Hot_Lobster3799 Upgrading Aston Martin victor

This is the first car I got from festival after I started playing the game. I have tuning of 0055. Is the car worth upgrading? Also where can I get the kits to upgrade the car? I don't see it on optimal or prime
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2022.01.19 02:16 PermutationMatrix Why didn't they steal all the ZPM's during the attack in Atlantis S4E11?

So basically their plan was to overload the ZPM to cause the replicator blob to compress into a neutron star. But the power-grid of the city failed so they were unable to. Couldn't the two earth ships with Asgard beams be able to target and beam out the ZPM's and they'd BAM have like 12 new power sources for the city? You'd have thought that would be like an opportunity of a lifetime. Also, if they can create friendly replicators couldn't they ask them to build ZPM's for Atlantis? (I haven't finished the rest of the show so maybe they do this?)
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2022.01.19 02:16 ShelixAnakasian Scientist Proves God is Pro-Choice; trolls Christians

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2022.01.19 02:16 fromthewhalesbelly Best time to claim rewards on Exodus?

The existing posts on this are rather old.
Is there are % earned I should claim rewards in order to maximize compound interest?
For example: With 1% and a 100 ATOM stake, you'd claim rewards once you've earned 1 ATOM.
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2022.01.19 02:16 TrendingBot [Mildly Trending] /r/textbookrequest - Make requests for textbooks and receive free pdf's (+390 subscribers today; 175% trend score)

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2022.01.19 02:16 quackl11 How do I get the platinum clothes? Everywhere says to go to the mystery gift but I cant find it.

When I start up the game it shows the Japanese words, then it tells me to press A then I just get put into the game, I just made it to Florida town. Do I need to complete the game before I can get it or what?
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2022.01.19 02:16 Blumenkind87 What are some bars can I can go to alone as a single woman in my 30s to meet people / men?

Most my friends are married or live elsewhere, so I’m running out of single girlfriends to grab drinks with every now and then. Would like to meet (professional) men to date and want to put myself more out there. Don’t really like the apps but I have no problem going to sit at a bar for a few hours and have some food, and I think I’m approachable.
However, I need recommendations for good bars where not everyone is in their 20s, where it’s not mostly women, and places where I don’t immediately look like a hooker 😉 Bonus if they have good food, too.
Tried Bella Union recently which I liked in the earlier hours, and Churchill Tavern in the later hours was super fun.
Any other tips?
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2022.01.19 02:16 usernameritehere would just like someone to talk to about unresolved feelings towards WS AP (advice)

Any advice on how to deal with intrusive thoughts and lingering unresolved feelings about WS AP?
The AP and WS talked endless shit about me. After affair was done, AP took to social media to continue to do the most to say things about me, my looks, my character, and WS. When I tried to apologize to AP, they continued. When I aggressively asked them to stop, they turned it around on me, messaged my WS on a different Apple ID, and since has acted the victim. As if they did nothing wrong, and did not call me curse words on social media. To this day, AP does the most and is an attention whore. Including getting “modeling” shoots so everyone can say how great they are “inside and out”. It bothers me bc AP took me defending myself to completely act the victim and now are seeking sympathy from everyone to tell them they are amazing, so you know AP is conveniently leaving out their dirty deets when telling these people of my “bullying” behavior, even though they were the ones public ally slandering me and my WS. My WS did not defend me at all and thinks AP is a great and wonderful person.
It’s ridiculous I hate I even have to deal with this. This person is so irrelevant and unimportant. I just hate that this person was treated like royalty and got things out of my WS and affection from my WS in ways I still haven’t received to this day. I hate it. I hate that AP even knows my existence and my life. Why do I have to deal with this? Any advice?
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2022.01.19 02:16 OmgSosh Fundraising for Funeral Expenses for my dad for Sudden loss of his brother

My Uncle aka my dad's brother terry Casey jusy passed suddenly and without warning today. He had no prior arrangements for this tragedy because he was in his early 50s and had no major health issues. We are besides ourselves and I want to try to help my dad and his siblings as much as I can to raise money for his funeral. They jave lost so much and this was my dad's 4th sibling that he's lost. If you can help at all thank you so much. If I need to revise this post first please someone kindly let me know how to revise it first. Thanks for reading. Terrance Casey Funeral Expenses
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